Our Fleet

Airbus D-HAUF AS350 B2


The AS350, a multipurpose single-engine aircraft powered by a Turbomecca Arriel 1D1 engine with 732 horsepower (546 kW), has a solid track record. Its versatility and inexpensive acquisition cost have made it a popular helicopter for a variety of duties, including passenger transportation, aerial work, training, observation, firefighting, and law enforcement, among others.

Airbus D-HAUF

The AS350 helicopters are one of the most popular air touring helicopters and were actually designed for sightseeing tours in Hawaii. The Airbus seats 5 passengers, 1 in the front and 4 in the back. Each passenger has a great 180°view as the back row is elevated to see above the front seats.

Well Maintained

We follow strict guidelines from the the Aviation authorities and maintainance is completed by experienced technicians.

Clean & Sanitized

We regularly clean and sanitize our Helicopter in order to keep our customers and crew away from possible infections.

Experienced Crew

Our all Pilots are having minimun eperience of 10 Years on the field of aviation and with more that 5000+ flying hours under belt.